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[FIC] Siamo Nei Guai (1/3)


Title: Siamo Nei Guai

Rating: T+

Pairing: Nico di Angelo x Jason Grace; Roman!Nico x Praetor Jason (lololol) 

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Family/Romance/AU/Romanverse

Notes: based off of minuiko's Roman!Nico AU which is great! And…took me a very…long…time orz. It’s very loosely based, but I hope/think you guys will like the end result!!

Summary: Nico di Angelo wakes up and finds out Bianca di Angelo, Praetor to the Twelfth Legion, is alive.Jason wakes up to an olive-skinned boy with a crew cut, purple shirt, and three tic marks on his arm, claiming to be Nico di Angelo.

Links: AO3| 

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But the real question about this Free episode, why do australians apparently have the same eye color as their hair?? Like they all had blonde eyes and it was creeping me the fuck out that isnt even a thing kyoani

Anonymous asked
what didn't you like about this ep?



Basically, instead of creating an original ending, Kyoani went with exactly what everyone expected them to do.

Throughout the season, Haru has shown nothing but anxiety, resistance, and anger towards even the THOUGHT of swimming professionally. And now, just because he saw a pool in Australia, he somehow has the passion to follow this career path? A career path he has been fighting ever day for the whole fucking summer??? He sees these professional swimmers — people he’s literally had NIGHTMARES about becoming because he didn’t want to become the industry’s toy— and he isn’t scared anymore?

Wtf?? That’s horrible writing. Yeah, it’s character development from fear to excitement about the future, but it would’ve been more moving if Haru DIDNT end up doing what everyone expected him to do.

I wanted to see Haru continue to refuse to be pressured into something he DOES. NOT. WANT. I wanted him to find his own way, find an original dream where he could be free for himself. What lesson does becoming a professional swimmer teach? Follow what everyone wants you to do? Go with your natural talents, even if it’s terrifying and you don’t want to do it?

They repeated the symbol of the free bird throughout this episode, but since when do birds let themselves be forced into a cages that everyone wants them to be in? If Haru was really gonna embody the bird symbol, he would have went against the tides and not been chained down by others’ expectations. He would have been loyal to his own feelings and decided to do whatever he thought would make him feel most at peace.

Not to mention that the ending is unrealistic. Let me tell you, you don’t just magically realize your dream like that. You don’t suddenly want to follow a career path that you fear and hate just because you see some professionals in that field.

That ending was such fucking bullshit because it taught that you should let yourself be forced into a future you don’t want and that eventually all your problems will wondrously be solved. Fat fucking chance. That’s not how it works in real life and I hoped that they would’ve conveyed that. Unfortunately, they didn’t and I am extremely disappointed.

They repeated the symbol of the free bird throughout this episode, but since when do birds let themselves be forced into a cages that everyone wants them to be in?”