Fangirl: n. a girl that lives solely for the purpose of obsessing over her favorite fandoms. I mainly post Avengers, Hannibal, Sherlock, Avatar (a:tla and lok), and random animes. A full list of my fandoms: Avatar: The Last AirbenderAvatar: The Legend of KorraFullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodBlue ExorcistToradoraCode GeassThe HobbitLOTRHarry PotterAdventure TimeAngel BeatsSpecial ACardgamesftw Lovely ComplexOuran HSHCDeath NoteSoul EaterSkip BeatPokemonThe World God Only KnowsPercy JacksonSword Art OnlineAvengersSherlockChunnibyou Demo Koi Ga ShitaiStar TrekHannibalSupernatural (on season 1)Dr. Who (I dabble)Merlin Hannibal Avengers



I’ve realized that even though we should learn from those who came before us, we must also forge our own path.


u know what the worst thing about being a girl is… is when another girl asks u for a hair tie, but its ur last one, but u can’t say u don’t have one because she knows its on ur wrist, so u give it to her, and then she says “oh i’ll give it back!” knowing damn well she won’t, and u sit there sad because now you have to go buy another pack of hair ties that u know ur gonna lose by the end of the month

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